Friday, April 13, 2012

Fender 1972 Dual Showman reverb head and Avatar Cabinet on Long Island NY for $600

This seller is offering a nice head and cabinet setup for only $600. The Dual Showman Reverb is one of my favorite Fender heads - basically it is just like a Fender Twin Reverb. The Avatar 2x10 cabinet looks nice too but you could always sell that and use this with some other type of cabinet like a 2 x 12, etc.

Sure it has the Master volume but this is a 100 watt head - if you can't get good classic clean sounds out of this amp then you need to go back to tweaking school.

BTW, I like the way he matched the look of the open back panel on the Avatar to the Dual Showman's rear panel openings - gives it a classy appearance.


Fender Dual Showman w/ Custom Cab - $600 (Levittown)

Date: 2012-03-10, 3:38PM EST
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Selling a '72 Fender Dual Showman Reverb all tube amplifier. 100 watts, vibrato and reverb all in working condition. Cosmetically it's pretty good for something from '72. Including pictures.
It's tone is really shimmering, and can really get those great classic warm tube sounds for your guitar. It's missing the reverb/ vibrato footswitch but you can usually pick those up for cheap online.
I've also had work done on it in the past to have all the electronics functioning perfectly as I used to gig regularly with this head (i.e., grounded power cord) .I'm not an amp tech, but I don't think it was anything so extensive as to "damper" the "vintage-esque" quality of the sound. I requested that stay in tact when I brought the head in for maintenance.

The cabinet was custom built by Avatar ( - great company . It's got a 4 ohm input and 2 x 10" speakers. One is a Celestion and one an Eminence. Honestly, my knowledge of speakers is limited, so I don't remember exactly the specs. We were basically trying to achieve a sound that would emphasize really great clean guitar sounds, but break up nicely as well when needed. It's a great cab, and is in really good condition. I got this a bit later after my touring days, so it never got a lot of wear and tear.

I prefer if buyers would pickup , since shipping all this would be a giant pain.

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