Monday, April 9, 2012

Gemelli Comet - Italian made electric in St. CLoud MN for $300

Italiaphile alert! Fairly unusual to find one of these in the United States. Check out those most likely Bartolini-made "triple toaster" pickups. Both of the other Gemelli Comets I've seen pics of over the years had similar finish cracking on the front and back. My guess is they probably used some sort of 200 year old traditional violin varnish on these. LOL!


VINTAGE GUITAR Gemelli Comet - $300 (St Cloud)

Date: 2012-03-03, 12:50PM CST
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I have a vintage made in Italy electric guitar. This is a Gemelli Comet made in the 60's please see pics as to condition or contact me.


  1. I decided not to sell it and put in in my collection.

  2. This is one reason I decided to keep it. I had a guy that wanted to buy it we had set up a time to meet but that morning when checking my e mail I seen a message in my e bay search that there was a Comet guitar for sale so when I checked it to my suprise there was my guitar and my pics. I think it was listed for $695. buy it now and was discribed as a great player smooth action and on and on. (Which by the way is not true it needed some neck work and we had talked about that) Well by him doing this I was able to show my wife and convince her that I should'nt sell it. See I realy never wanted to sell it but my wife does not understand you can NEVER have to many guitars, so I was selling it to appease her. Had he never jumped the gun he would have had the guitar and I would'nt have funny how some things are just ment to be. SO who ever you are Thank You.

  3. Pretty sure your guitar is not a Gemelli - It looks like a Crucianelli florentine single cut branded as Comet probably from about 64 or 65

  4. Pretty sure your guitar is not a Gemelli. It looks like a Crucianelli florentine single cutaway, probably from about 1964/65
    Check out fetishguitars for history and pics


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