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Magnatone Update - All the Maggies for sale on CL this Month - enjoy!

Well i do this type of a search about once or twice a year and always enjoy what turns up so here is a unique look at a bunch of Magnatones available throughout the country. I won't list anything going for over $1K since those can also be purchased at Guitar Center or the local Vintage Amp shop.


1964-1966 Magnatone by Estey Model 401A tube practice/recording amp - XLNT condition! - Huntington Beach CA

Amp in great condition. Almost all original. Electrolytics were replaced and tubes were replaced with NOS tubes. 5 watts. Jensen Alnico speaker in good condition - One tiny pinhole, but I wouldn't recone it. Still sounds great, no buzz. Unique features are a neon pilot light, 20 Volt heaters and an input transformer. Tremolo is from heaven, best sounding I've heard. Makes for great recording amp or good for living room jams. Classic looks and vintage tone. Asking $225. Thanks for looking. May be open to trade, depending on what you got but prefer cash. Call Mike - 714.***-****


Magnatone Troubadour Model 112.....1955 to 1959 Vintage Guitar Amp - $399 (Fontana, CA)

Date: 2012-04-06, 8:32AM PDT
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I have an "ALMOST ALL" original Magnatone Troubadour Model 112 rare vintage guitar amp.

Manufactured in Inglewood,California between 1955 and 1959 ( SerialNumber 15135 ) by the Magna Electronics Corporation.

These are Much-Sought-After amps.


DESCRITION:Troubadour Model 112. Built at Magna Electronics in Inglewood, California in the late 1950's, this is a simple, straight ahead amp. It has 2 channels, one for instruments, one for microphones, each with 2 inputs, preamp'd with a 12AX7 dual triode. Each channel has seperate volume controls, with a common tone control. Another 12AX7 dual triode is used for phase inversion driving twin 6V6 beam power tubes and the output transformer. High voltage DC is rectified by a 5Y3 tube. A 12-inch speaker mounted on a baffle, in a half open-back cabinet, makes this a great casual gig amp. Original list price in 1957 was $134.50.

Shipping weight: 25-lbs.
Dimensions: 14-inches high,
17 1/2-inches wide,
9 5/8-inches deep.
Approx. 18-Watts
Serial Number:15135

It needs some minor work to put it back to "ALL ORIGINAL" .

A knob,a light bulb, a speaker and a leather handle and your set.

Cabinet is rough but the grill is intact as are the rubber feet on the bottom.

More detailed pictures are available for interested parties.


$399.00 CASH for local pick-up unless shipping is arranged as per above.

REASONABLE Offers will be considered.

*************************************....I must sell this amp this week due to move.....make an offer!!....**********************************************




Magnatone Varsity deluxe MOTS - $375 (BAY AREA, CA)
Date: 2012-04-07, 6:15PM PDT
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$400 or best offer
Vintage Model 108 Black mother of toilet seat in near perfect condition .
3 prong plug added.
Museum quality.
Great sounding. 8 INCH SPEAKER



1955 Magnatone Deluxe Melodier 109 Tube Amp (Vancouver-Salmon Creek - PORTLAND AREA)
Date: 2012-04-07, 8:34PM PDT
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The Deluxe 109 was made by Magna Electronics Co. Inglewood, California. It has 1 microphone input and 2 instrument inputs. A 12AX7 is used for preamping these inputs. There is a seperate volume control for the microphone input and a master volume for all the inputs. A tone control adjusts the tone for all inputs. It's a push pull amp, (Magna Electronics' new Advanced Push-Pull Circuit) but the 12ax7 does not drive the phase inversion, the phase inverter comes off of the screen grid of the 6V6 power tube. This was uncommon back then, yet it allows the 12ax7 to provide the two gain stages needed for the preamp and splits the signal for the push pull output, does a nice job and saves another pre amp tube being used during the manufacturing process. HVdc rectification is handled by a 5Y3 rectifier. Output transformer has the #012 and power supply transformer has the #P50. A pilot lamp, fuse holder and on/off switch finish the control panel. It has two # 75L, 8-inch speakers (EIA code:395-502) indicating the 2nd week of 1955.

The cabinet is closed-back, has a 15 degree slanted speaker baffle and is covered in black Mother-of-Toiletseat. Dimensions: 12-1/4" High - 15-5/8" Wide - Top, 8-1/4" Deep - Bottom, 9" Deep. Weight: 18 lbs. Original list price in 1957 was $109.95
This amp has not had the 2 prong cord replaced but this should be done for safety.

You can see this exact amp online at Dub dub (yes I am selling this very amp)!

$450. O.B.O.
360 6***-**** - Walter

Thanks for looking!

Approx. 15 Watts
Serial Number: 35xxx


1963 magnatone m2 - $400 (stl) - ST. LOUIS AREA
Date: 2012-03-07, 11:05AM CST
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1963 magnatone amp 8'' speaker all original parts price is not set in stone.


Magnatone M15A - $700 (Danville IL)
Date: 2012-03-02, 8:58AM CST
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Magnatone M15A amplifier. Five inputs with vol, tone, brightness controls, frequency modulated vibrato control, reverb control, tand wo external speaker jacks. Also has two 3 in tweeters and two 12 in Jensen speakers
Call Mike mobile 217-***-****


Magnatone Custom 440 - $895 (West Chicagoland) - CHICAGO AREA
Date: 2012-04-07, 10:15AM CDT
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Magnatone Custom 440 by Estey Electronics

1-12" speaker, light weight cabinet, reverb, 'true' vibrato (Lonnie Mack sound) using varistors

If this ad is posted, the amp is still available.


fs/ft Magnatone- M15 tube amp - $225 (battle creek)
Date: 2012-04-06, 8:53AM EDT
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Magnatone- M15 tube amp. this is an amazing amp. if you have never heard them look them up on youtube.
this girl has seen better days (as you can see from the photos, it does fire up but is need of an overhaul. a new cap job will bring her back to life, and i know a great amp guy if you need his number. i bought this for the project but just don't have the time. $225 obo...

call or txt with any questions or offers- i will take trades

kc- (two six nine) ***-****


1966 Magnatone MP-3 - $675 (Macomb Twp.) - DETROIT AREA
Date: 2012-04-11, 8:07PM EDT
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I have a (Highly Collectable/Rare) 1966 Magnatone MP-3 amp I would like to sell to the right person. Amp has been gigged in the past, Probably 7 out of 10 condition, but is fully serviced by the man: Dean Zink. Amp came without the Original Jensen C12PS's. it know has celestion G12V-80's in it at 16 ohms each in parallel for 8 ohms and biased out at 58 watts rms. It has 2 channels with 2 INPUTS per channel and Great Reverb and Awsome Vibrato, Not the copy Tremolo from Fender. Clean is Bright and chimmey with HUGE HEAD ROOM and dirt is like 70's rock, This is the amp you always wanted but never could afford because IT WAS MORE MONEY THAN THE TWIN at that time......Great amp in tone, and in performance, Made in America by: Americans


1966 Magnatone M15 Custom Tube Amp - $895 (Dunnellon) FLORIDA Ocala Area
Date: 2012-04-11, 11:46AM EDT
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I have this 1966 Magnatone M15 tube amp for sale or trade. It is a killer amp. It has 2 separate input channels, (each with high or low gain), plus a Stereo input. 3 12AX7/7025 preamp tubes for the treble, bass, loudness and contour controls. This amp uses 3 of the 12DW7/7247 split mu tubes. The hi mu sides are used for phase inversion and a low freg. oscillator. The medium mu sides are used in the 1st vibrato shift and the 2 shift recoveries. A 12AU7 drives the 2nd vibrato shift. Another 12AU7 to amplify the low freq. oscillator. The Reverb input comes from the secondary side of one output transformer# T2 20-0155. Another 12AX7/7025 tube recovers the reverb. This model M15-A also has an "Echo" control that I am told sounds like it gates the reverb using an LDR circuit on the reverb output. This M15A reverb circuit is different from the M-15 and the "Dual Imperial" models, which use a tube driven reverb circuits. The M15 has a tube recovery, and the "Dual Imperial" uses a transistor returns. Four 7189A power tubes into stereo output transformers, into 2 12", 16ohm, Jensen model C12P speakers. Needs some of the pots cleaned up but it works and sounds great. asking $895.00 and also open too trades. If interested drop me a line or call me 352-***-**** Thanks!


That's about it right now - some nice deals and a couple almost steals. - JC

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