Monday, April 9, 2012

Framus Television hollow body electric in Nashville for $750

I can't say whether this seller is offering this Framus at a good price but I can certainly attest that he has done his research and knows a great deal about these Black Forest built West German guitars.

So consider this a public service posting for those seeking info about the Framus Television eletric guitar. hehe.

Note: This guitar was offered on eBay at $799 BIN and got no bids so there may be some room for negotiation. I'm just saying... - JC


Framus Television/Strato Strat-style Hollow-body - $750 (Nashville/Bellvue)

Date: 2012-04-07, 9:05AM CDT
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Vintage Framus Television

This rare early '60's Framus Television is in exceptionally fine condition for a 50+ year old guitar.

This instrument has a very unique asymmetrical offset double-cutaway body, which is completely hollow, with solid Spruce 2-piece book-matched top (yes, it is solid Spruce), it is the perfect combination of a Strat and a Byrdland!

Neck scale length is 24 ¾ just like Les Paul, SG, ES335, and neck shape is a robust 'C' with nut width of 1 5/8 inches.

Label inside bass-side F-hole is hand-labeled 5119/54 on .

The eye is immediately drawn to the body, with the Wandre-esque bound F-holes and small control knobs, labeled V, T B, T B, T B, (Treble-Bass), one Vol. control, nearest bridge, and 3 Tone controls.

The neck has been professionally refretted with appropriate medium wire.

There are some indicators that this is a very early Television model.

Label date number looks to be stamped 61K (November 1961)

There is absolutely no sign that a pickguard has ever been on this instrument, no holes, etc.

Also, it looks like it has never had a headstock decal.

Finish is original, with original tuners, bridge (mute is in case, not sure about mounting screws) vibrato tailpiece, and of course, original single-coil pickups, which are amazing.

Think P-90, but with more sparkle.

The slide switches work perfect. 3 on-off pickup selector switches, and 2 'Dark' switches, one for the bridge p.u. and one for the neck p.u.. The effect of the Dark switches are not as drastic as what you would find on the Gretsch guitars, a much more usable tone with some treble allowed, not 'muddy.

There is a small chip out of the back of the headstock, there is a ding near the lower strap button, and a ding at the top-edge binding near the controls, all in close-up photographs, so please look closely at all. The 'rubber' grommets that originally elevated the bridge p.u. are mostly gone, and have affected the finish somewhat. Again, see photos.

Original case is in great condition, with some stitching missing at bottom edge, and replaced handle.

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