Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Lectrolab R200 type amp in Austin TX for $160

I can't seem to identify this Lectrolab - it looks like it is a 50C5 amp with a 12AU6preamp and 35W4 rectifier tube - simlar to a Harmony H303B - and the chassis is similar to an R200b but not the same. So your guess is as good as mine. Most regular readers of this Blog know I have a bit of a Lectrolab fetish - they are just such funky little amps - every one is different - that's what makes them fun.

Regular followers of this blog know that I have a LECTROLAB fetish.

vintage LECTROLAB guitar amp like supro,alamo,silvertone,etc class A - $160 (east austin)

Date: 2009-11-14, 1:39PM CST
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this is a great vintage CLASS A tube amp well suited for guitar or harp applications live and in the studio. powers up and plays fine however it has some hum that i think will be remedied by upgrading the 2 prong cord to a grounded 3 prong, easy enough. cosmeticall in goo shape especially considering it's age.

here is a quote from a reference page:
"Lectrolab Amplifiers were produced for about 20 years by Sound Projects Company of Cicero, Illinois. The factory was within spitting distance of other amp manufactures such as Valco, Gibson, Kalamazoo and Epiphone, but Lectrolab amps were not affiliated with any of them.

Lectrolab amps were a budget amp that was sold through catalogs and as "House Brands" at Music stores throughout the states. It used inexpensive materials such as press board covered with thin vinyl for the cabinets. Stock parts and off-the-shelf tubes and cook book circuits created the sound. There was nothing dancy about Lectrolab. It was nothing more than a good blue collar amplifier.

For a modest guitar amplifier, the sound is remarkably good. While other manufacturers were tinkering with circuits to create a signature sound, Lectrolab Amplifiers did a good job of simply making a guitar louder without injecting much into the mix. The simple circuits could be made to scream or crunch or sing depending on the settings and the guitar or microphone driving it.


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