Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Columbia tube combo Amp w Trem & Reverb - JAPAN - in LA for $120

Cool little Japanese made tube combo from the mid to late 60's - as with manyof the Teisco and Guyatone lil tubies this one also has both Tremolo and Reverb. Typical oddball Japanese tubes and toshiba parts - rare and unusual combo for gearhounds.

ntage guitar tube amp - mystery rarebird? - $120 (Cerritos)

Date: 2009-09-21, 6:38PM PDT
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This thing ROCKS! It's a made in Japan Columbia CGA-131. If you search the internet, you probably won't find much information. Awhile back, I did find something. I recall the tubes were like no other amp out there. The power tubes are VERY much like EL84s (I also remember seeing them listed on online tube stores,, so there's no shortage). And there's a 12ax7A preamp tube & a 6AQ8 preamp tube & some mystery rectifier tube (6x4?). All made by Toshiba. Actually, some of the amp builders on AX84.com built similar amps & there was some boutique amp builder that had a very similar tube amp (I think it was Dr. Z). The separate bass & treble knobs have a lot of sway & can vary the tone to spanky bright chicken-pickin' tones to creamy rich bass. There's also spring reverb with it's own depth & foot switch jack. Same with the tremolo & vibrato, which has depth & speed. There's 3 inputs (one seems more aggressive then the other). And all this is protected with a fuse. There's a 7" alnico speaker, but this medium suitcase sized enclosure can probably hold a 12" if you want to put one in. Actually, that 7" sounds as BIG as the 12" in my other ad for a tube amp (Victor Filmosound). What else? This amp when fully cranked is loud enough to keep up with a light hitting drummer, but quiet enough to not annoy the neighbors. It's about the same wattage as dual el84 amps. I would describe this amp as very vintage VOX-ish (AC-15). It does have paper wound output/power transformers & has tons of vintage MOJO. I would love to keep this, as nobody else has one, but unfortunately, i desperately need money for an emergency. So, if there ever was a "my loss, is your gain" sale, it's this one : (

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  1. I have one of these. Bought it at a flea market for $125 about a year ago. Has replacement Jensen speaker. Had local shop go through it and it works great. Great for 60's surf tones. Very hard to find any information on them.


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