Friday, September 18, 2009


This is my posting - I am the doofis who didn't solder the pickup wire well enough - see below.

1963 Kay (Truetone) Speed Demon Triple - - $450 (Encino)

Date: 2009-09-18, 10:57AM PDT
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This is a stunning guitar - everyone who sees it does a double take and asks to check it out. If you are into the whole Jack White / Dan Auerbach retro vintage vibe you will love it. There is an identical guitar with more specific details described at the VIntage Silvertones sight below:

It is a K573 badged as a Truetone - I was told it was a 1963 when I bought it and the old Western Auto Catalogs you can find online bear that out. It is in terrific shape with some minor chips and crazing but nothing that takes away from the oveall beauty of the guitar. Everything is original but I did send two of the pickups out to Lindy Fralin to be rewound and wax dipped at a cost of $155 - they did a great job - the pickups sound awesome - there is just one catch...

When I put the pickups back in the guitar I was a little concerned about one of the solder joints... it was holding but looked a little weak - so an hour later after I had reinstalled the pickups and all the pots and wiring one of the pickups started to cut in and out - and then stayed out. It is the bridge pickup and the other two still work fine but at some point someone needs to open it up and resolder that wire to the third volume pot. I WILL GUARANTEE THAT ALL 3 PICKUPS WORK GREAT - it is just the solder joint, I am absolutely sure. It takes patience to remove the pickups and wiring to resolder the joint and I am just not in the mood - so I am reducing the price by $50 from what most people would agree this guitar is worth. Please don't give me a hard time or lecture me about this aspect of the guitar - you can easily fix it in an hour or two with a soldering iron - I just don't have the time to spare right now.

Note: I put a set of brand new DR .12 - .52 gauge strings on the guitar so it sounds great for SURF and COUNTRY - the 12's are very heavy and don't bend easily but they have awesome tone - even for Jazz as well. If you want to play standard rock or Blues you will probably want to restring it with lighter gauge strings - that will be up to you.

This is a very cool and collectible guitar - and the price is more than fair. I have a well padded coffin hard case that fits it like a glove - we can negotiate for the case if you really want it.



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  2. hmm..I can't believe anyone would be interested in paying that for this guitar. I have one exactly like it I bought new when I was about 13 years old. It was a cheap, crappy guitar, sold by Western Auto then, and no better now. Sorry dude, if this sounds offensive, but I've had this thing for over 45 years, and it's never been worth much as a musical instrument. Unless maybe your mods have turned it into something worth owning.


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