Friday, October 16, 2009

Vintage Silvertone Danelectro U-1 in York PA for $500

This one is for the collectors - Dolphin headstock Silvertone

1950's Silvertone 1300/1400 electric guitar (Danelectro U1) - $500 (York)

Date: 2009-10-13, 11:16PM EDT
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This is a very hard to come by guitar made in the late 50's by Danelectro. I believe it is a model 13xx or 14xx. I believe the pots date to '56. It is a bronze/copper color and it has the single cutaway "U series" body (which is a Masonite semi-solid type)
It has a bolt on 21 fret neck with a rosewood fingerboard (neck is straight w/ great action) and a chrome trapezoid bridge with adjustable rosewood stick saddle.

It also sports the "dolphin" style headstock, unlike most all danelectro & silvertones that had the more common "coke bottle" headstock.

It has wear, scratches, dents, etc. that you'd expect from a 50+ year old guitar. It is all original, no mods at all. I'm not extremely familiar with the danos and silvertones but I was told this guitar could fetch upwards of $900.

I can take more detailed pictures for anyone that's reasonably interested.

I would also be interested in trades for other guitars, musical instruments, shooting sports, and cameras. Feel free to make offers on cash and other things as well, worst I can say is "no". I have other guitars, etc. I can add depending on what items are being discussed.

Location: York


  1. Anyone interested in knowing more about the original Danelectros and the innovative founder of the company, Nathan I. Daniel (my father), might wish to read the tribute I wrote to him at

  2. I just bought one of these Friday. My first electric. Not in BAD shape but dirty on lower right corner and back of neck. would like to know how the bridge is suppose to look like as this one had been taken apart. Ebony piece was there but chrome plate was sitting on top of two front screws and attached with single screw in center back. are there ment to be spacers under the front or lay flat on body? Would certainly effect action. thank you.

  3. You adjust the bridge by turning all three of the screws to raise it up or down - you don't need to use spacers, it would'nt have had any originally - just screw down the rear screw to raise the front and adjust the two front screws to balance out the angle. Very simple setup. - JC


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