Wednesday, October 7, 2009

SOUND brand Tube amp in Boston for $250

Everyone is always confused about these SOUND brand amplifiers - these were made in Italy and imported via NJ but they were not made by Ampeg, harmony, Lectrolab, Sano or anyother USA based company. They seem to be hit or miss because by the early 1970's tube amp companies were using alot of cheaper parts and even doing PC board layouts etc. These usually used EL84 output tubes - sounds like this one has been gone over by a tech which gives a much better chance of being in good shape.

FYI: Notice that he is jumping the channel inputs inthe photo to increase the gain just like on an old tweed Fender and many other two channel tube amps.

rare VINTAGE TUBE AMP tremelo reverb 2 channel FENDER SPKR - $250 (ALLSTON)

Date: 2009-10-07, 5:15AM EDT
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recently serviced by BOSTON'S BEST TUBE AMP TECHNICIAN Stan Day...has 4 inputs, 2 channels...bass, mid, treble, tremelo, reverb, polarity changer...all tubes and lights work perfectly...the amp sounds cool and vintage...the brand is SOUND which Stan believes was an early creation of AMPEG...

he replaced the speaker with a vintage FENDER speaker...all original except the new power cord (the old one did not have a ground on it)

call MIKE at 781 864 5118 or email


  1. I may have original literature from this company, because I am from Long Island and owned one in the late 60's. If interested, I'm at Thanks - Benjamin

  2. Ben, Thanks. I would expect literature on these to be pretty rare. If you have time maybe you can scan it and post it online. I will try to have a specific area for that type of info on my expanded website when it premiers in a few months. Thanks again. - Jim C

  3. my amp...def not made in italy...says 'MADE IN USA' right on pretty sure it was made in miniola, shoot or early production of AMPEG...


    still for 781 864 5118 or email me at if interested in purchasing it in the NYC area...

  4. I have this identical amp and have used this as my main amp for about 30 years.

    I had the tubes replaced once. I love this amp. Best reverb I've ever used. Great very controlable feedback.

  5. i have a sound amp, single 12" speaker. i need to locate a wiring schematic of one, or atleast could somebody get me some good pictures of the chassis layout possibly? my email is


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