Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Epiphone ET-290 Crestwood in Corvallis for $350

These japanese made Crestwoods are nice solid guitars and this Cherry Burst is the prettiest of the finishes. I played one exactly like this at the Guitar Center Vintage Room in Hollywood a few years back and they were asking $550 for it at the time. Unlike the original Wilshire that it is a nod to these are bolt on necks - but nice and solid and they rock out pretty well too. Like the seller says - like a cross between an SG and a Les Paul. The pickups are not stellar - but definitely acceptable.


Vintage Epiphone ET-290 Crestwood - $350 (SE)

Date: 2011-02-12, 11:50PM PST
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Vintage Epiphone ET-290
Vintage 1970s Epiphone ET-290. This is NOT the reissue. This guitar sounds fantastic, the action is low, intonation good, plays in tune, overall a very nice guitar. There’s some scratches and chips in the paint but nothing extreme, it looks pretty damn good for being over 40yrs old. Epiphone used to make a very nice guitar and this is a great example of one. It’s a unique guitar and It plays and feels like a cross between an SG and a Les Paul. The Humbuckers are warm and handle distortion very well. This was made in Japan at the Matsumoku factory that was known for producing excellent guitars. The original Epi advertisement says this-

"ET-290, Deluxe professional solid body with unique Epiphone design in cherry sunburst finish. Two gold plated Humbucking pickups, two volume and tone controls with toggle switch. Gold plated Deluxt stop tailpiece, multi-adjustable bridge, and machine heads." (The original price in 1970 for a ET-290 was $220.00)

This was the highest priced model they sold at the time. I have enjoyed playing this guitar immensely but just bought a Les Paul and can’t justify keeping one that won’t be getting much use. May be willing trade for a vintage tube head or 4x12 cab. I will not ship and It’s cash or trade only. $350.00 I just dropped the price $100 from the original post and am firm on it. This guitar is worth anywhere from $500.00- $650.00 easy, they go on Ebay for that all day long. Theres two beat up ones of a lower model at Centaur Guitar going for $500.00-

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  1. I have the 1971 crest wood cherry burst; i love it so much; i got it for 275$ and i never found out what it was for so many years of looking it up; at first i thought it was worth nothing; then i thought it was worth a lot; i was heart broken too see that some one could sell one for under 400$ i had some one offer me 600$ for mine; and it doesnt even have some of the orgional parts; :S sexiasthedevil95@hotmail.com - lets talk guitars :)

  2. Got an ET-290 Crest Wood Cherry Burst Origin Made in Japan in the middle of the 70s, and playin that guitarr was a feeling that never leaves me...in the beginning of the 80s i change the guitarr and a 50w marshalltop inc speakers against a mitsubichi stereo, and that is my biggest misstake i did so far in life :(
    Im from Sweden, so ill hope ull understand what im typing here :)


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