Thursday, February 24, 2011

Possible Supro/Valco tube amp in New York-Western Mass. for $375

I don't recognize this particular amplifier but the two tone cabinet and Tube layout resemble a Valco made Harmony or Supro from the 1960's. Note that this amp has 8 tubes. The pic looks like a dual 6V6 or dual EL84 amp with a 6x4 rectifier and 5 preamp tubes. That's a pretty fancy tube circuit.

The amp has 7 knobs and I'd expect it is a two channel amp with Vibrato. The speaker is definitely a replacement - looks like a Jensen C12Q.

I would expect this to be a great sounding amplifier - expecially if it has original trannie's, NOS or original tubes and a recent cap job. But there is only one way to find out: anyone live in Western Massachusetts??


Mid 60's Tube Amp - $375 (w.Ma.)

Date: 2011-02-16, 3:18PM EST
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This is not a Cadillac.Was told it was a Supro from the mid 60's.Have tried in vain too get the correct model,however this sure is a dirty lil' thing.Despite it's age and appearence this amp sounds great.Must been seen and played to be appreciated.For questions or species identification please contact Jason @828.707.7092

•Location: w.Ma.


  1. Thought the readers might be interested in this one:
    any idea what model it is?

  2. I would almost swear on a stack of bibles that this amp is not a Supro but a Hilgen, a little-known amp company from New Jersey in the mid-60's... whose circuit designs bore a suspicious resemblance to those belonging to Ampeg.

  3. Mystery solved. I talked to the seller (BTW - the amp is SOLD) and he said he found out from several sources it was a Univox. Those are 6973 power tubes (which used to be pricey to replace but EH now makes them new) I checked the archives and it is indeed a Univox U202R from about 1967. Here is what they Univox site says:

    U202R - probably built around 1967. It's a combo amp with a single 12" speaker, described as a "soft 50-watt amp" (i.e. 20W). Channel #1 has controls for volume, tone, reverb depth, tremelo speed and tremelo intensity. Channel #2 has only volume and tone. However, both channels can be patched together. There are two inputs for each channel: bright and normal. Japanese copy of a late 50's Magnatone. Sides of amp are blue, with a gold plate across the top with a logo and yellow/gold grille cloth. The blue may be an after-market addition, the amp was also available in black. The U202R is an all-tube amp. The tube lineup is as follows: 12AX7 (3), 6AN8, 6AV6 (or two 12AX7's), 6973 (2), 6CA4.


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