Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Extremely Rare Dallas Rangemaster Tube combo amp in Los Angeles area for $475

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I cannot vouch for the tone of this amp and neither can many other people because it is extremely rare to find one here in the United States. Dallas Arbiter is the company that made the original Rangemaster Overdrive boxes in the 1960's and they still exist today. But I never even knew they made tube amplifiers. Cosmetically this one appears to be a sort of Marshall 18 watt 2x10 clone. But those ECG86 tubes are designed to put out 4 watts each at 250V on the plate - so it would have to be a very creative circuit to make this as loud as a Marshall Bluesbreaker. Goodmans are heavy duty British speakers that at one time came in Vox amps. These amps are so rare they are not even collected as far as I know - so this falls into the "who knows?" category but could be a cool amp. Could be very Vox AC15-ish or maybe like a Marshall Town & Country. Only one way to find out. Hopefyully it is in good working shape becuase you can forget about finding a schematic for it anywhere - good luck.

Note the step transformer - this amp is probably designed to run on British spec AC "mains" voltage so you need the transformer for standard US current.


60s Rangemaster tube amp - $475 (North Hollywood)


Date: 2011-02-16, 3:48AM PST
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Rangemaster tube amp mid to late 60s
2 ecl86 tubes and ez81 rectifier tube.
2x10 goodman speakers 2x10
Step up/down Philmore transformer worth $60 included.

cash only , no trades, Nick 818 307 2585


  1. I went and saw the amp. It has an output but will need work. Without the schematic, forget it as it is indeed true that one wont be found.

  2. I am drawing a circuit but not quite finished.. I own two of these and they were copied almost exactly buy Jim Marshall in his POPULAR combo amp of the 70's. Very nice amps with great twin 10" Celestion vintage speaker. I think the best 10" sounding speakers ever!


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