Saturday, June 13, 2009

1947 Masco MAP 15 Amplifier in Des Moines for $315

I have one of these Masco amps -mine is the MAP 120 which is the 6+V versionof this amp and it is a GODLIKE amp. This one probably sounds unreal with the 6L6 output tubes and massive iron.

Masco guitar amp circa 1947 - $315 (Windsor Heights)
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Here's a vintage Masco MAP15 guitar amp from circa 1947. This is a single channel, 15 w number with volume and tone. It has a few features that make it unique. First of all it uses the 7F7 loktal preamp tubes. These are readily available on fleabay for relatively small sums. They're great for inverted flight too, and the only reason I can see why they used these things was because Sylvania made the Mark A. Simpson Company of Long Island City, New York a great deal on a carload of loktal tubes.It's cathode biased, has two 6L6 power tubes and truly massive iron, which is probably why Masco amps sound so good. Another reason is the way the preamp was set up. One input is more or less normal but the mic input is grid leak biased and it has great drive and grit. When this one arrived here the original Jensen was toast, so I subbed in a 1960 vintage P12RJ that I looted out of a Fisher stereo. Also, the support structure for the chassis was ripped loose and I repaired that, replaced the electrolytic capacitors and did some general maintenance. I've got to get rid of a few toys so make this yours.You might be able to buy a similar amp on fleabay, but here you get to road test this one and no shipping either.


  1. I have a 1947 that at one time belonged to Hank Williams Sr. I am interested in selling mine also. 928-377-9873 Jimmy

    1. do you have proof that it belonged to Hank Williams Sr.???

    2. were you on pawn stars/ a guy on the one aired today-3-5-2013 had one with a brass plate stating it was HANK williams given to him by his mother.

  2. Lol i was thinking it was the same guy too. Must be. Paper trails are key to stuff like that.

  3. I am the guy on Pawn Stars with the Hank amp. Jimmy Green 928-377-9873


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