Tuesday, June 16, 2009

1983 Gibson Invader near Portland OR for $465

I don't remember if these Invaders have bolt-on or set necks - and these photos conveniently don't show the neck joint - but you might still like this guitar if you want a lighter version of a Les Paul Studio with a high gain pickup. I don't believe these are actual "Dirty Fingers" (498T/500T) pickups - more likely they are the same Zebras that Willem Lorenz (Bill Lawrence) had made in Germany for the Sonex guitars around this time. Those pickups do sound good if you like a punchy high 13K type tone. I personally put them in my Epi Explorer and was happy with the results.

1983 GIBSON "INVADER" w/HARDSHELL CASE - $460 (SE Portland)
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1983 GIBSON INVADEROriginal Gibson "Dirty Fingers" Zebra Pickups.Don't buy an EPIPHONE when you could get a VINTAGE GIBSON for the same price!!!$460 CASH, VERY FIRM!!!


  1. sorry to be a gear geek, but Bill didn't start making pickups in Germany until 86...not sure that he had a hand in these pickups.

    love this site! cheers,

  2. If that is true then they probably are actual "Dirty Fingers" pickups in this guitar. I have an 1983 Les Paul XR-1 and it has the Dirty Fingers in it so if thse are original then they probably are the same. Don't worry, if you can't be a gear geek here then where can you? Thanks for the info. - Jim C

  3. hi Jim,
    could also be 'velvet bricks' (used in some of Gibsons lower end guitars, saving Dirty fingers for the higher end versions)

    example, Sonnex Deluxe = velvet bricks, Sonnex Custom = Dirty fingers


  4. I have this particular Gibson, and yes they are Bolt on necks and velvet bricks... :) great sound and nice and light... Corey

  5. I own a guitar identical to "The Paul" by Gibson in every way (finish, color, pick-ups, pots, wiring, body etc.) except it has a "bolt on neck". Could this be a "transitional" instrument between Gibson's switch from to the "The Paul" over to the "Invader"production. The headstock is the "open book" shape and the tuners are identical to "The Paul". The finish appears original, and the base side of the body is "beveled". Someone commented that it could be an "employee" guitar assembled by a Gibson employee as their own personal instrument, as evidenced by the lack of any visible serial. It was suggested that the serial number may be stamped on the heal of the neck. (I would prefer not to upset my set-up and do this.) Any Ideal as to what I have? A rare "Paul" with a bolt-on neck, an "Invader" finished like a "Paul", an"employee" guitar, or a "transitional" guitar built by Gibson to use up old "Paul" stock before they switched over to making "Invaders". Any Idea as to what I have.

    1. Never heard of a "The Paul" wit a bolt on. if it is in deed a real Gibson then it must be a one off. The Invader didn't show up until about 1986 and Gibson stopped making "the Paul" in 1982. I've also never heard of a Gibby with the serial number anywhere but on the back of the headstock. - JC

  6. There are some advantages to bolt-on, such as using a shim. High humidity could really do some harm to a set-neck. I've heard one of these Invaders, and they sound REALLY good. The one I saw had the toggle switch to the left of the knobs pictured above.

  7. this picture is NOT Gibson Invader. It has a set neck. I have this instrument mine has same paint, oem dirty fingers & chain saw case. I am the 2nd owner it was purchased in Arizona new.
    This is the only other picture I have EVER found on this guitar, id really like to find out if its walnut like other "the Pauls" and Firebrands or if it mahogany?


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