Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fender Studio Bass Amp - 200 All Tube Watts - in Boston for $575

These Studio Bass amps are less common than hen's teeth and most of them are sitting in recording studios so this is a rare find. This is just as powerful as an Ampeg SVT - and that means earth shaking. Ever plugged into a Sextet of 6L6GT out put tubes? Hang on, baby!

Fender Studio Bass amp vintage all tube 200watts - $575
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Selling my Fender Studio Bass Amp, it's a 200 watt all tube combo with 6 new JJ 6l6 tubes and a JBL D140 speaker (not original). This amp is fairly rare, Fender only made it from 1978- 1980. It sounds amazing, fantastic tonal control due to a 5 band rotary eq in addition to the typical treble, mid, bass eq. What information you can find on this amp is consistently very positive with some folks swearing by the sound as up there with the best of them. Amp is in excellent condition, recently serviced, re-clothed and works great. I can supply other pictures and answer any other question through email. Thanks.


  1. I also have 1978 fender studio bass amp that stage sound repaired. I would like electrical schematic if its avail.I purschased it new in (78)and can find nothing avail. for it.

  2. hi , email me and ill send it to you.. cheers.. Mick

  3. I managed to get my hands on one of these used at Guitar Center.
    Thing sounds great. REALLY LOUD with all 6l6GC tubes. Missing the foot pedal. In a pretty decent shape with some slight wear. Only been used as a practice amp in basement.
    How much do you think I'd be able to sell for? Not that I don't like these, they're beautiful! I could use the money, and much cheaper amp, preferably a half stack for easy transport.
    Thanks for the response!

  4. I love when someone tells me "I have one of these and it sounds great, plays awesome, blah, blah, So how much can I sell it for??" LOL - here is an FYI to the general musician populace: Guitars and amps that actually sound and play great are not all that easy to find so if you have something terrific maybe you should consider hanging on to it and actually using it. (and yes I know that size and portability are not always "convenient" - well I guarantee you a Line 6 Digital modeling amp is easier to transport than a Silverface Fender Twin Reverb - and you'll get exactly what you asked for. - JC

  5. It's not that I don't want to hold on to it. I do. It's really an amazing amp.
    But I'd rather have an Ampeg honestly. To me, Ampeg has a much better sound than Fender. Fender is good for now, but I'm looking for a future selling point.

  6. Hello. Does anybody have schematics available anymore? Mine studiobass is broken and i really want to give it a new life. Janne


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