Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Gibson Explorer EL84 amp project - only $50 in Atlanta GA

These old Gibson Explorer amps used decent components but just don't sound that great - so this one makes a nice basis to rebuild into a better all around amp. The trannies and Reverb Panalone on this are probably worth the $50 - and he's throwing in everythign including tubes and the Cabinet.

Project Tube Amp - EL84s! Cheap! - $50 (Woodstock / Atlanta)
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Here's an old Gibson Explorer amp that I had planned on using for a Vox AC-15 project but never got around to completing. The circuit board has been cleaned off. Comes with tube compliment, reverb tank, original transformers, chassis, and cabinet. Build anything from a Champ to a Marshall. First $50.00 gets it. Cash only, local sale. No shipping. Thanks, Justin (404) 384-1779

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  1. I've collected several of these amps & find they have a nice bright tube chime and actually sound their best with the volume totally maxed out as the brightness levels off & the natural tube compression takes over. It helps to remember, people were after cleanness in an amp back then & really didn't want an amp that broke up too early or sounded distorted at all. That sound didn't fit in with that eras music & got an amp that sounded like that labeled as not good enough. A few bands were experimenting with full out distorted tones as most tube amps gave you something along those lines at full volume but mostly Nobody wanted that sound yet. Thats why these were made like tanks and also why they sounded so bright (helped it be heard & cut through the band/mix). The reverb section on these is perfect, running from a slight coloration to a deep all out 'I fell in the well' sci-fi saturation. So crank 'er up, turn on your lava lamp, jam to some 'Magic Carpet Ride' & have some good clean fun. Enjoy, Relic61


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