Thursday, February 11, 2010

1979 Fender Antigua Strat (modified) in Boston for $700

This is far from an original guitar however for $700 it looks like you will get a pretty cool axe. Too bad about the inlay (and the number 40 uggh!) but you can swap out the neck if you really want to or even better just have the whole maple fretboard replaced by a decent luthier for about $200 or so). The guitar reallly has been screwed up quite a bit but who knows - it may play like a dream. And that looks like an pretty cool Tweed case - oringal Fender? Maybe?

Anyway, an all original 70's Antigua Strat with case would go for about $2500. I'm just sayin'...


1979 Fender Stratocaster 'Antigua' - $700 (Groton, MA)

Date: 2010-02-10, 5:33PM EST
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Selling a 1979 Fender Stratocaster, this was used by the guitar player of the band 40 below summer. The guitar has seymour duncan pickups and the neck design has been inlayed with ebony. Originally an Antgiua Burst color scheme. There is some paint chipped off the guitar and the paint is cracking, normal wear and tear for tour use and a 30 year old guitar. I have had prior questions regarding the serial number, if you must know just ask and i'll try to get it sometime this week.

Location: Groton, MA


  1. Ugh. Cripes. Why would somebody do that to a perfectly good guitar?

    Hey, Jim, I love the blog. I check it every day and I've made some calls based on stuff you found. Haven't bought anything yet, but that day's coming.

    What's your opinion on reissued Ampeg amps like the Jet and the SuperJet?

  2. Craig: I know it shocks us today to see these mods but things were very different 20 years ago. After seeing Adrien Belew with King Crimson I seriously looked into having my 1968 Competition Mustang fitted with a Floyd Rose and a humbucker (thank God it was too expensive at the time and I settled for Schaller locking tuners). And if you had a Les Paul in the 80's and didn't dump the PAF pickups for DiMarzio's you were considered a dork. We are much more respectful of original American guitar craft today - thanks in part to Antiques Roadshow LOL.

    As far as the Ampeg Reissues - the made in USA models are nice little amps especially the 12T - I remember they even came out with a hand wired PTP model a few years back that nobody bought (?) and you could find them cheap - but I personally don't love dual EL84 amps - especially modern versions (even the Blues Jr) - they require too much of a trade off between clean and saturated tone and they both seem to suffer. Give me a dual 6V6 amp for both my clean and nasty tone and I am a happy camper. But that is just me.- JC

  3. Craig: BTW - There is a guy selling one of those PTP Ampeg J-20's on the Hartford CT Craigslist for $450. The J=20 is a Dual 6V6 amp. I believe they are built in Korea. It was listed on Feb 5, 2010. - JC

  4. Ha! I saw that and I was going to give him a call. Hartford's only a few hours from here.

    Thanks for the feedback. (pun intended, I guess.)

  5. I have a 1979 Fender stratocaster, antigua colour, with original case. I've hardly played it (sorry... long story). I bought it new when I was 18. I've toyed with the idea of selling it. Not ready to part with it today - maybe one day. I can't help but wonder what it's worth.

  6. It's easy enough to find out generl prices for guitars - just use a little device called Google.

    General range for 1979 Fender Strats is $1500 - $2500 depending on how original and how nice the shape. - JC


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