Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Encore 335 style Semi Hollow in Western Mass for $300 obo

This guitar looks black in the pics but the seller says it is a "Greenburst" which makes it a very cool looking Univox/Ventura/Aria Diamond guitar. Note that it has the two switches - one on each bout - and the angular single coil pickups just like the red Japanese Crestwood Astral II that Jack White plays. I listed a similar guitar a while back with an Ideal nametag but that only had the two knobs (like Jack's) this one has four. These can be alot of fun for the money.


fs/ft vintage encore semi hollow guitar - $300 (ludlow)

Date: 2010-02-15, 3:23PM EST
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I have here a late 60's encore semi hollowbody guitar in green burst. 2 p90 style pickups. Needs new strings and a set-up. Made in Japan, and is in great shape. will trade for other gear. guitars, basses, amps, speakers ect. let me know, this is a great project for a rare vintage guitar. thanks, jeff

Location: ludlow


  1. I have one of these guitars. Do you have any idea how much it is worth? Its in mint condition.

  2. The fact that this one is being sold for $300 should give you a pretty good idea about the current market value of a smiliar guitar. A guitar is worth what someone is willing to pay for it at the present time - no more and no less. Good luck. - Jim C

  3. Just bought one of these on Ebay
    paid 400$ for it
    hope it sounds good

  4. Just bought one off of Craigslist for $100 bucks, with a case. Sunburst...did a quick tuneup, plugged it into a '67 Vibro Champ, and she sings very well! Damn, I stole THIS guitar, AND I KNEW IT!

  5. I have one that looks just like this olny its a 4 string bass. I think it was made in 1966 but thats wat my grandma said does anybody know how much its worth?


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