Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Burns Marquis (RI) electric in North Jersey for $350

Though this is not a vintage 60's Burns guitar these Reissues are pretty cool and they are hard to find here in the USA for a decent price. This one is about half the price of a new imported Marquis - I like these better than the Burns RI Cobra which is basically just a Strat Copy - this one looks like a Burns Bison. And it is dark green which is the same color s Elvis' famous Burns 6+6. Niiiice.


BURNS OF LONDON - "Marquee RI" - ELECTRIC GUITAR - $350 (old bridge nj)

Date: 2010-02-22, 3:22PM EST
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Have an oddball guitar here. The Burns Of London Marquee. Made in Japan late 90's. Cool green color. Awesome tone, Burns Attempt at a Stratocaster in the 60's. Twang, and lots of sustain. Maple body and neck, in great condition. Rare! They don't import these to the states. Europe only. I have too many guitars and am slimming the herd for some spending money.

im located in oldbridge nj, a stones throw away from Staten Island. LOCAL BUSINESS ONLY! Leave a phone number so I know your not a scam artist, I won't call you but promise i'll return any emails.

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  1. I love using your site, but it would be really helpful if you could link to the original craiglist ads. That way, we can check to see if they are still available.



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