Thursday, February 4, 2010

Eko/ Univox vintage 335 project in Youngstown OH for $140 - (hey Max)

This looks like someone paired an EKO neck (Italian) with a Univox Body (Japan) - then I guess he either ran out of time, patience or skill. Still needs fret work.

Price is right if everything else is in good shape.

Hey Max in Columbus... this is the type of guitar I was telling you about. Similar models are the Univox Effie and Coily, Aria 1202T, Ventura and Bruno. All Made in Japan circa 1968 - 1975.


EKO UNIVOX SEMI HOLLOW GUITAR PROJECT w tremolo 60's - $140 (canfield)

Date: 2010-02-03, 6:55PM EST
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60's Eko Univox semi hollow guitar project.

the body is very nice. i installed a new trem, works great, the pickups are original, solid, no cracks.
the neck i had to do a partial fretboard replacement, itll play well once it has a fret level, past fret 15 doesnt play. and it will need a truss rod nut, OR just replace the neck!

will consider trades for stuff!

Location: canfield


  1. NOTE: This guitar is now on eBay - 3 days to go with bidding at $76 plus shipping. check listing

  2. Jim thanks a ton for the shout out, I just saw it right now but I'm gonna call him about it tomorrow!

    all the best,


  3. Vintage Guild Guitar
    I have a 1962 Guild Starfire Guitar that I've had since the 70's. It's Beautiful. Since having a heart attach, I'm Thinning out my stuff so my wife doed not have a bunch of stuff to deal with in the event something happens to me.
    Ok That Said. My business in Beverly Hills was taking care of cars. My business shared a building with Westwood Music and across the street was the Complex Film and Recording studio.
    One evening Tom Fogerty offer to trade a Guitar for Body and Paint work. This is that Guitar. He removed the pickguard as many rhythm players did in the day and changed the knobs to the type with set screws. This also was done in the era for stage work. So I kept it 40 years and need to know what I have.
    I have an agreement scribbled on a piece of stationary form the Playboy Mansion, a picture of the car we repaired, and a picture of him with Debra Winger. The story is he was involved in Lawyer stuff and was short of cash.

  4. Since Tom Fogerty is not a very big name I doubt the Provenance will add more than 20% tothe market value of the guitar - but you never know. If you could find a picture of him playing it on stage with CCR (and his brother john) that might add a bit more. I am not a pro so I can't give an accurate appraisal but any decent guitar store (not GC but an actual shop) should be able to do so. Good luck. Starfire's are nice guitars.

  5. Tom Fogerty not a very big name? What???

    1. Is there a Tom Fogerty fanclub I am not aware of? His brother John Fogerty is certainly a big star but not so much Tom. It's nothing personal. It's like comparing a glove worn by Tito Jackson to one worn by his brother Michael. Just my opinion of course


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