Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wayne's World Strat - MIJ - in Indianapolis IN for $340

Here is a nice Wayne's World Strat - these were all made in 1992 in japan - any other versions will de designated as WW2 - have one of these as well and it has a sweet neck and is an all around excellent player - the upgraded pickyups will be a big improvement - along with the tuners they are the only real downside to this guitar so I'd recommend buyi8ng it with the upgrades and just keeping the original pickups for future collector value.   These are nice solid Strats - basically a MIJ 62 reissue with a few minor concesions.


Japanese Squier Strat--60s Reissue; American Fender Pickups - $340 (Plainfield, IN)


Date: 2010-02-21, 7:50PM EST

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MIJ Squier Stratocaster, 60s Reissue, Wayne's World Model. Upgraded with two American Standard pickups in the neck/middle positions (reverse wound in middle position for hum cancelling in positions 2 and 4). Texas special pickup in the bridge. Original pickups included. This guitar is all 60s reissue specs--olympic white body, 21 fret thin 7.25 radius neck, vintage style tremolo unit and split post tuners (sealed die cast type--not Kluson style; this is my only beef with this guitar). The pickups make this guitar, but I will sell it without the upgraded pickups for $280 firm. Guitar neck is in great shape; body has only a few minor dings in the paint. Solid neck joint--this is a great guitar.

Call or text Matt at 765-432-8985. Local pickup in Plainfield. No trades unless you have a Classic Vibe 50s Strat or a Classic Vibe Duo Sonic (plus cash with upgraded pickups).

Location: Plainfield, IN


  1. Hi! Thanks for your posts! I have one of these that is marked WW2 but it is a Fender Strat not a Squier. It is made in Mexico. Are the Mexican WW2 ones any valuable? Got it for $200. in nice shape and it's an awesome player and has quickly become my favorite, but don't want to kill it either if it's worth more.

  2. Hey I'm the guy who has the actual Craigslist post. My experience has shown that many players will prefer the Japan-made guitar over a MIM Version, regardless of the Squier/Fender name on the headstock. However, I think $200 is a deal, and its probably worth more than that. I believe the specs were pretty much the same, so its probably a great guitar!

    By the way, I am planning to keep the Squier since it hasn't sold--thanks JC!

  3. To all of you who have the MIJ Wayne's World Strats that are all original and clean, hang onto them for a few more years. All of the made in Japan guitars have been rising steadily in value including the Squiers. The Waynes World Squier will be worth a bit more than the others so don't be surprised when you see them selling for $400.00-$500.00 on a normal basis. The "E" Series Squiers are already there.
    Word to the herd.

  4. The mij we squirt is a very nice guitar... made as a silver series but without options for color or other fretboards .... it was made in small numbers so yes hang onto them... they are a fugi guiki made guitar , so very good quality . they are made much better then the mim fenders and should continue to increase in value .. if any changes were to be done to a mij w.w guitar , pickups would be about the only change I'd do.... allthough the mij pickups in it sound fine. it has a very nice tone. but for the die hards they may want the change .


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