Monday, February 15, 2010

1991 Fender Ultra Strat (USA) in Birmingham AL area for $450

here is another nice USA Strat selling cheap in Alabama. This is basically a Strat Plus (Ultra must be the same). It has the Sperzel Locking tuners, Strat Plus nut and the Lace Sensor pickups. Other than the nicks and scrapes and chips it is one heckuva nice guitar for $450.


Fender American Ultra Strat 1991 - $450 (McCalla)

Date: 2010-02-13, 8:55AM EST
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1991 American made Fender Ultra Strat with Lace Sensor Pickups. Body is traditional Fender Alder with a maple neck. Tuners are Sperzel. Pick guard has been upgraded to pearl. Trem stabilizer is installed. Comes with a hard shell case. This Strat is THE BEST sounding and playing I have had. There is some wear on the finish and's 20 years old. This is a classic Fender guitar. The sound is incredible and the Lace Sensors give a wide array of tones. Looking at this guitar (and playing), there isn't a lot of difference fom the SRV model...except the SRV sticker. This guitar is selling for around $1300.00.
Now for those of you who do not understand how pricing for desirable older guitars works, I'll make it simple. I have shaved off about $400 from my estimated value to compensate for the wear on the finish. Now if it was being sold in a guitar shop somewhere like Nashville, they'd call it a vintage guitar, slap $1300.00 on it, tell you it was played by Eric Clapton and you'd be giddey to have it. Well, I'm just trying to sell it for what it is....a very good Fender Strat. I'm asking $450.00. In other words, please no tire kickers.

Location: McCalla


  1. I don't think this actually is an ULTRA b/c it doesn't have the 4th pickup (Ultra's have a pair of lace sensor single coils with special TBX wiring at the bridge). It also doesn't seem to have the highly flamed maple neck - so this is probably a Strat Plus not an Ultra.

  2. As Jim stated, it's not an Ultra - no dual sensor/humbucker pick up at bridge.

  3. I have one ,Strat Ultra , mine has the 4th , pick up plus the 2nd toggle stwitch , it is an 90, fender , with one chip in the finish . And I live in Nashville , and no it has not been played by Clapton , and it never will be . I would not sell mine for 2,000 dollars .

  4. all strat ultra is ebony fret board...

  5. This is not a ULTRA. ULTRAs all had Ebony neck, Neck plate says ULTRA, No coil tap switch, No Dual Lace Sensor Red Humbucker. Different wiring for the split switch. This is a STRAT PLUS. Same family very different guitar.


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